Preparing for Your Landscape Design

August 31, 2021

What an exciting project it is to redesign your garden! It allows you to express your personality into something tangible that your family and friends can enjoy. At Custom Creations Landscapes, we are proud to share with you this project, and we have seen the joy that comes from completing a nicely done landscape design. Nevertheless, many wonder what a good starting point for creating a landscape design is. Our team is full of experience and ideas in landscape architecture that can complement yours, but we know that the most important element is you for a successful landscape design. So how can you prepare?

Deciding on the purpose

While you might have several ideas in mind for your garden design, it is important to define a clear purpose. Note that the purpose doesn’t have to be for your whole garden, but you need a purpose for each space. For example, if you have kids, then you probably want your garden to be a safe place for them to have fun, with open spaces and a safe pool if you are contemplating one. Another option is to have a space designed for relaxation, which means it will need to be private and quiet. Or perhaps you want to have a social space where you can have a BBQ with sitting areas for your friends and maybe a bonfire pit. Others don’t even want to spend time outside and want to have a beautiful landscape. 

As you can see, a clear purpose for a specific area is key to deciding what elements to include. It makes the decision-making process a lot easier, and it helps our team give better recommendations in line with what you are looking for. It is not difficult, and it will only take some time to think about it, but it’s a very beneficial exercise.

Selecting methods

There are two terms in landscape design that you have to be acquainted with: hardscape and softscape. Hardscape refers to everything that is not living, hard things that you build or place in your garden. For example, a bonfire pit, a deck, a swimming pool, and brick walls, to mention a few. On the other hand, softscape refers to what is living: plants, shrubs, and trees. To create a good landscape design, you will probably have to combine both, but you will use one more than the other, depending on what you want. For example, a modern minimalistic garden focuses more on hardscaping, while a rustic garden will probably rely more on softscaping.

Our team at Custom Creations Landscapes are absolute professionals with both methods, which is not a common trait to find. Designing a garden is one important step, but building it with precision and attention to detail to make it look pretty and last long takes the job to another level.

Setting up a budget

It might sound very basic, but you can avoid a lot of frustration if you decide ahead of time on a budget for your landscaping project. It will make the decision-making process a lot easier when discussing details about your landscape design and construction. Don’t be afraid to set up a limit; you will be surprised to see our estimates when talking to our team. At Custom Creations Landscapes, we offer high-quality work at the most competitive prices in the Sydney area.